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Tea Container


HNTea®️ Organic Teahouse was founded in 2018 in California. We strive to become an international tea company and teahouse chain in Chinese tea culture worldwide. We were inspired to become an original innovator of taste with specialized unique qualities, and infused with the trendiest international fashion in the food and beverage industry.


Ingenuity is the key to Chinese tea culture. Our tea originates from ecological organic tea gardens, which are nurtured by natural pollution-free methods. Tea products that we provided are certified through the U.S. Department of Agriculture and received "USDA ORGANIC" certification. We are not just a simple teahouse with great tea products, but rather a simulated tea culture environment for work and leisure.

From every corner of our teahouse, an individual can smell the exotic aroma of tea and acquire a visual understanding to the new fashionable China and its centuries-old tea culture. HNTea wants to present an insightful tea culture to each individual’s heart and soul through every sip.

HNT, defined as H for “Healthy”, N for “Natural”, and T for "Tea", which is the core essence to the quality of our products.

Our unique logo is based on the three English letters “H N T” that is designed to formulate into the Chinese character “茶”, which means “tea” in English.  

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